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Word Seekers Society - A Comprehensive Bible Study Membership

Word Seekers Society - A Comprehensive Bible Study Membership

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Discover the Word Seekers Society Experience

Embark on a transformative Bible study journey with Word Seekers Society, a dynamic membership platform designed for individuals seeking to engage deeply with God's Word. This online community offers a wealth of resources and tools to guide you in reading the entire Bible, while making it relatable and applicable to everyday situations. With Word Seekers Society, you'll find everything you need to dive into scripture, cultivate spiritual habits, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Abundant Resources for Meaningful Bible Study

Word Seekers Society provides an extensive range of downloadable resources that enhance your Bible study experience. Delve into a 50-page Christian journal, meticulously crafted to help you reflect, record insights, and deepen your understanding of scripture. Track your progress and establish positive habits using the habit tracker, designed to support consistent engagement with God's Word. Additionally, access over 600 verse graphics, perfect for reading, memorizing, and sharing on social media, enabling you to spread God's message and inspire others.

Actionable Lessons and Relatable Application

Word Seekers Society goes beyond mere reading and memorization by offering actionable lessons that bridge the gap between scripture and everyday life. Our comprehensive curriculum equips you with practical strategies to apply biblical principles to your personal and professional spheres. Discover how the Old and New Testament remains relevant today, and gain fresh insights into familiar passages. Uncover the richness and wisdom of God's Word as you journey from Genesis to Revelation, embracing the entirety of the Bible.

With an affordable monthly membership fee of just $7, Word Seekers Society empowers individuals who yearn to read directly from God's Word from beginning to end. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of believers, access invaluable resources, and experience a deeper connection with the scriptures. Join Word Seekers Society today and embark on a life-transforming adventure of faith and knowledge.

Finally read through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation (at your own pace) & guide your families toward the Lord.

Get relatable stories, sharable Scripture, and a Bible plan that has no timelines… just encourages consistency for only $7 a month.

Most memberships give you a little bit of access at a time, but you can work as quickly or as slowly as you need to read the entire Bible.


Here is what you’ve tried to do when reading the whole Bible before…

Read a 90 day Bible plan with reading over 15 chapters a day 

Read the Bible in a year with reading over 4 chapters a day

Use Bible studies that stick to one book of the Bible

Church wide Bible studies

BUT… all of these plans can leave you feeling guilty on the days you can’t, and then ultimately give up to read the entire Bible from cover to cover.

Or you could work at your own pace, without timelines and still complete your goal of reading the entire Bible

Here is what happens when you do that:

You start replacing social media scrolling with reading the Bible

The Bible comes into your everyday conversations with family and friends

You start viewing circumstances and others through God’s eyes

Your family becomes interested in reading the Bible

Verses and stories of the Bible overshadow your own thoughts and feelings

You begin knowing the full story of God, versus what is taught only on Sundays in church


Hi there! I’m Amanda Stores. I am a stay at home mama that chose to not put a timeline on reading the Bible, but instead chose to read at my own pace to complete the goal.

When I started reading the Bible cover to cover in 2018, I fully intended on reading it in one year. Instead, I missed days and would miss a month or two here and there for various reasons (hello motherhood). So, instead on focusing on the timeline, I focused on consistency and it completely changed how I read the Bible. 

I finished reading it from cover to cover and am now on my third time around reading it in that way.

There are so many Bible studies out there, written by people doing ministry. The problem I realized is that they cannot cover the entire Bible for several reasons. People would give up too quickly, there are a lot of things about the Bible that aren’t always rainbows and sunshine, and it would require time they do not have.


After being a part of many of these Bible studies over the years, I realized two things:


The problem with only relying on Bible studies is that you are relying on a person’s own interpretation of the Bible and not allowing God room to speak His own story.


People choose Bible studies because they are short, but they miss out on seeing a full picture of God. It would be like reading chapter 3 and 6 of a book and not reading the chapters in between to see the entire story.

That’s when I finally realized that people don’t need another Bible study. They need consistency and motivation to be consistent from Genesis to Revelation.

Introducing Word Seekers Society

Read the entire Bible from cover to cover without a timeline. Become closer to the Lord, read His Word and guide your family towards Him because of it.

When you join the Word Seekers Society

You get instant access to…

A Bible reading plan with 4 chapters per sitting 

A Bible tracker to print at home and mark as you read passage through the Bible

Over 600+ verse graphics to share with others and recall for Scripture memory

Each lesson is given after you have read the last, starting in Genesis.

New relatable stories are sent your way to not only read the Bible but make it applicable to everyday life.

Practical action plans that you can do in the same day to serve other and reflect on how to change

This cost less than a couple of cups from Dunkin Donuts, and has the potential to change your whole life by drawing closer to God by reading His word.

Go from having well intentions of reading the Bible one day to starting and finishing it on your own time.

Stop trying to read short Bible studies that can’t get anywhere close to knowing the entire Word of God.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve been a Christian for a while. Will I still find value?

Yes. I had gone to church my entire life and didn’t start reading the Bible until I was in my late twenties. I learned more by reading the Bible from cover to cover (and remembered it more) than going to church every Sunday.

Can I wait and join next month?

Yes, but you would be half way through Genesis by then if you started today.

How long would this take to read it all the way through?

I recommend reading one set of verses, every other day or every three days. Even with the best intentions of reading it in a year, it typically takes me a year. If you read it too fast, you won’t retain any of what you read.

Can’t I just read the same plan you have and not be part of the membership?

Yes you could. The problem with a simple reading plan is that there are times in the Bible where you don’t know how the story could apply. That is where my life stories come in and help you make Scripture applicable. Also, every lesson comes with a practical action plan for the day.

Who created the reading plan?

Crazy Love Ministries through the “Read Scripture” app. I have used their plan to outline this membership.

When will I get access?

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after purchase. You’ll create your own password, and then get access to your first lessons in Genesis. After each lesson, you’ll check it as complete, and then the next lesson will pop up. No skipping ahead, and no passage overlooked.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

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