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Cover to Cover Bible Journal

Cover to Cover Bible Journal

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The Bible tool that makes you want

to read the entire Bible.


You and I have gone through all the 6 week Bible studies.

We are intentional about going to church as much as possible.

We have tried the Bible plans to read the Bible in a year.

but… all of these plans can leave you feeling guilty on the days you can’t, and then ultimately give up reading the entire Bible from cover to cover.


Or you could work at your own pace, without timelines and still complete your goal of reading the entire Bible.


Here is what happens when you do that:


You start replacing social media scrolling with reading the Bible

The Bible comes into your everyday conversations with family and friends

You start viewing circumstances and others through God’s eyes

Your family becomes interested in reading the Bible

Verses and stories of the Bible overshadow your own thoughts and feelings

You begin knowing the full story of God, versus what is taught only on Sundays in church

Hi there! I’m Amanda Stores. I am a stay at home mama that chose to not put a timeline on reading the Bible, but instead chose to read at my own pace to complete the goal.

When I started reading the Bible cover to cover in 2018, I fully intended on reading it in one year. Instead, I missed days and would miss a month or two here and there for various reasons (hello motherhood). So, instead on focusing on the timeline, I focused on consistency and it completely changed how I read the Bible. 

I finished reading it from cover to cover and am now on my third time around reading it in that way.

After being a part of many of these Bible studies over the years, I realized two things:




The problem with only relying on Bible studies is that you are relying on a person’s own interpretation of the Bible and not allowing God room to speak His own story.




People choose Bible studies because they are short, but they miss out on seeing a full picture of God. It would be like reading chapter 3 and 6 of a book and not reading the chapters in between to see the entire story.


That’s when I finally realized that people don’t need another Bible study. They need consistency and motivation to be consistent from Genesis to Revelation.


Introducing the Cover to Cover Bible Journal


Read the entire Bible from cover to cover without a timeline. Become closer to the Lord, read His Word and guide your family towards Him because of it.

Go from having well intentions of reading the Bible one day to starting and finishing it on your own time.

Stop trying to read short Bible studies that can’t get anywhere close to knowing the entire Word of God.


What is the Cover to Cover Bible Journal?

Cover to Cover is a tool designed to read the entire Bible, from cover to cover. It’s a beautiful inspiration personalized and ready to go with you anywhere, help you continue reading the Bible and seek God on an everyday basis.

Are you ready to revolutionize your time with God? I am excited to unveil my upcoming Bible Study Journal, a powerful tool that will transform the way you engage with Scripture and deepen your relationship with God.

This journal is designed to make the seemingly daunting task of reading the entire Bible not only attainable but also enjoyable and impactful. Divided into 16 smaller sections based on significant events, it provides a structured framework that guides you through the entirety of God's Word at a comfortable pace.

With passages divided into 3-5 chapters a day, you can embark on a consistent reading plan without feeling overwhelmed by rigid timelines or dates. This allows you to integrate daily Scripture reading into your everyday life, making it accessible and achievable.

As you progress through each section, the Cover to Cover Bible Study Journal offers an interactive experience. Celebrate your milestones with stickers provided, marking your progress and rejoicing in each completed portion. Dive deeper by reflecting on how the Scripture applies to your life, jotting down prayers, praises, and notes that capture the insights and revelations you encounter.

The exquisite design of this journal adds to its allure. The front logo features a touch of elegance with gold foil accents, symbolizing the preciousness of God's Word. The cover invites you to embark on a visual journey through the Bible.

Practicality and durability are also paramount. A convenient pocket allows you to add personal notes or keepsakes, while metal corners protect the journal from wear and tear. The gold wire binding ensures easy flipping of pages, enabling a seamless reading experience.

This Bible Study Journal is specifically crafted for believers like you who have longed to read the entire Bible cover to cover but have struggled to find the time or maintain consistency. It is designed to fit into your everyday life, nurturing your spiritual growth and deepening your understanding of God's Word.

Preorder your copy of the Bible Study Journal today and be among the first to embark on this life-changing journey. Remember, this journal is not yet printed, but with your preorder, we will initiate a mass order to ensure it is shipped and in your hands before 2024 begins.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your time with God. Preorder now and make 2024 the year you experience the Bible in its entirety, cultivating a consistent and meaningful walk with God.

Stay tuned for our upcoming emails with instructions on how to preorder and secure your copy of the Bible Study Journal.

May your journey through the Scriptures be rich, transformative, and filled with the presence of God.

  • Dimensions: 9” x 7” pages
  • Ribbon — to keep track of where you are reading
  • Durable cover 
  • Gold Foil logo
  • Gold wire binding
  • High-quality bleed resistant 120 gsm paper — about twice as thick as a sheet of printer paper
  • Designed 16 tabs to divide the Bible up into bite sized, daily passages
  • Stickers to celebrate reading the sections of the Bible within the tabs
  • Lay flat binding for writing
  • Metal corners for protecting the edges of your journal
  • The entire Bible laid out into reading 3-5 chapters a day
  • Undated to read on your own timeline
  • Prework to do to make sure you stay encouraged as you read


  • The left side and right side of the journal has the specific passages to read for the day
  • Sections to interpret, apply, and write down praises and prayers

  • A section for note taking on dots to allow the freedom to write notes, draw Scripture, draw diagrams, and dive into Scripture in your own way
  • Checkpoints at the bottom of certain pages to tell you how much you have read so far, and how much longer you have to go




 For every sale I make, I will contribute 20% above the cost to print to go toward Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

Their website tells you all about the mission of translating the Bible into all the languages of the world.


"For people from every language to understand the Bible and be transformed."

"Serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word." - via Wycliffe Bible Translators website


*image from Wycliffe Bible Translators





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